"See Me"

Guest Judge: Rebecca Bruyn

How do we see ourselves? Who are we really? This was an invitation to create an image in which we portray ourselves in our deepest visions. An introspective look at how others may see us or how we see ourselves. Do we feel that we are not seen? Do we want to be invisible or not to be seen? Also, a look at how we interpret our world. Not a self-portrait in the strictest sense.

A warm thank you to all who participated in the "See Me" online exhibition.

Congratulations to the Award Winners!
First Place:
"Shapeshiftah" by Michael Corthell
Second Place: "We" by Lisa Jo Rudy 
Honorable Mention: "Previous Generations" by Catherine Caddigan
Honorable Mention:"We Are Watching Me" by Heather Wilson

"Six Ways Your Heart Can Break" "Mannequin with Manhole in Structures II" "Previous Generations" "Persist" "Free Spirit" "Past and Present" "Shapeshiftah" "The Painter" "As the Spirit Takes Us" "Life Leaves its Marks" "My Ravaged Heart" "Eye See" "See Me Seasons" "Old School Selfie" "Enough Already" "If You Only Knew" "The Harp" "We" "I Just Might Be the Lunatic You're Looking For" "Inner Child" "Sunrise Shadows" "Soul Purpose" "As Others See Us" "Prints" "Thing Behind Me" "Always Striving - Never Complete" "We Are Watching Me"